Hierarchy of Needs in the Digital World

So for a digital agency, how is the motivation of the clients driven? This should be an important thought for anyone involved in sales for a digital marketing company or full service digital production house. Would this theory apply to the digital space? Are the clients in this space also needs driven. Let’s see.

For a prospective client who is a new business or rather a new entrant in the digital space. The bottom of the pyramid applies just perfectly. Here, the needs of the business are basic more focused on existence and survival. This could be the first step into the digital space. A few offerings to address this need by a web designing company can be domain names, hosting, website development services, and social media page creation. For the startups in the eCommerce industry, it is about having their portals and the mobile apps. All of these would ensure that the business is now on boarded online. While it may seem like a lot to do, the journey just begins here. These are just the Physiological needs in the digital space.

This is when the first step into the digital world is accomplished ie the business is now online. It is no more about just surviving, it is now about having an asset and protecting the digital realty. Here the offering is more to do with the technical forte of the firm wherein the optimizations come into play ranging from security from hackers etc, In certain cases one could also offer testing solutions to portals. Not to forget the speed aspects.

From here on, the digital marketing companies get their horns. These needs are best addressed by digital agencies with products such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), App Search Optimization (ASO) services. These stage deals more with increasing traffic and having social media likes, followers etc. This is stage in a business where one would want to feel accepted and liked by its customers, this is when the branding effort takes a leap. In the current market environment, enterprises aim to reach here in the shortest possible time. For mobile apps, this stage is about increasing the downloads. Products such as email marketing and SMS marketing also have a pivotal role to play at this stage.

The next stage is about prestige and ego. How could this be interpreted keeping business in mind? This is the stage of content marketing coming into play. Press releases, blogs, articles and posts written positively about the brand surely help create a buzz and keep the brand recall high. Reviews written about the company and product help faster conversions on the sales front. Awards could be prime motivator at this stage and helping organizations in this direction with focused campaigns bring in a lot of revenue for the digital marketing companies.

If a digital agency has supported clients throughout or at certain stages as they grew up the hierarchy, this is truly a good time for the agency because this is when the client has already started giving back to the society and if in this stage the client starts talking about you, there could be no better sales pitch than that because your product is almost bought by then with very little effort and this is a chain that drives self sufficiency by itself.

Thus we have seen that the pyramid of needs completely applied in the digital sector too just like it is applicable in many other situations.

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