Re-Start Your Social Media With a Plan

Restart Your Social Media Plan

The Digital era is alive and in the world, small or big enterprises are pushed by this society to be in social media networks to promote their products and generate some good feelings in your clients regarding to your personal branding. Re – Think, Re – make, it’s not as difficult as a lot of people think, being in trending topics and informed about video marketing and social media. How do you stay profitable when you think restart your media plan?

No Business is free of going on economic changes and it is eventually necessary to renew our ideas. Making new ideas and nice original content is going to attract more clients, they are going to enjoy what you are doing. From big and powerful brands to personal brands the thought will need to restart. This will affect your enterprise, socially and economically.

A lot of enterprises could see problems if they don’t pay attention about what a social media plan can do. Here is advice to make you know how to act in the future.

-Make original and friendly content for your media pages

First, it’s good to have: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, among others. It is good to have at least 4 social media profiles to have a backup in this matter.

After of that, you should take into account that constant publishing is the first key. This will keep your clients expecting something from you. It will depend if you will be publishing weekly, daily or monthly, is good to publish at least 3 times a week, but its better daily.

Your clients will react depending on your content, so use things as:


360 Videos

360 Pics

HQ pics

Short and interesting message.

Don’t be left behind connecting to the Internet of Things, Video Marketing is the most effective tool in a social media plan. This will help you have formidable content. Also, you can use live streaming video, that will make your profile to be in the first page of home while you are streaming the video. After you plan on how to constantly publish your content in your social media profiles, you will have the power of making great offers to promote products and services which will help your clients be satisfied. If you are trying to be as complete as possible, try to have a web page about your company.

You can have several social media profiles with some good job on it, but if you have a web page, your clients would be more comfortable and you can use it to show a huge list of products or services that your company offers.

Talk Fusions Video Marketing
“The Internet of Things” (IoT) Biggest Tech Buzzword of 2017. Talk Fusions Video Marketing Video Email Video Newsletters, Sign-Up Forms and MUCH MORE!

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Internet – Reforming The Digital World

What is the internet?

The internet is the connectivity of the internet to the tangible gadgets like computer and other mechanical devices. It has introduced the digital world around us. It is like connecting to the virtual world through the physical gadgets. The internet is nothing new, but prevalent since a very long time. It makes easy for you to access devices like computers, laptops, phones, etc. You can control your business just by working with these devices. It has brought a great reform in the business sector as well as other sectors. It is an essential tool in today’s world.

How the internet impacts digital marketing?

The internet has proved to be a useful technology in our day to day life. For example, the customer can shop anywhere at any time from their device. In online shopping each product has a code or ID. Therefore, customers can easily place orders by selecting the product with a single click. The internet has made everything possible right from selecting the product to making the payment. It is an easy to use technology that can complete any process in no time. It is not only convenient to the customer, but also to the seller. It doesn’t create any confusion for both the parties. The resources are saved through this. It is much better than an offline process. It is bringing about a new change in the online methods of shopping, payments, etc. In this era of growing population, it is essential to reform the existing marketing system to make is easily accessible to users.

Modifying the language of products in digital marketing

IoT technology is modifying the way the customer deals with the products. In a way, it means digitizing the products. Through this technology the products represent themselves with their own ID and establish a direct relationship with its customer. It cuts down the role of the mediators or the third party. The customer can easily gain knowledge about the products without consulting any mediator. These days there are so many companies that are working to make such arrangements between the product and the customer with the use of IoT technology.

Emerging importance of self service in the digital world

The internet is in a way promoting the ability of self-help for the product, customer and the third person. The product will represent its own information and all the buying process; similarly the customer will also be able to gain any information without consulting any mediator, regarding the product.

Bringing together the physical world with the virtual world through this technology has made things easy and handy for everyone. Digitalizing the products means making the product speaking for its self and about its qualities, so the customer who is buying can make decisions easily without any intervention.

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Video Marketing Vs Video Advertising

Are you confused about the difference between video marketing and advertising? Don’t worry about it, most people are. Despite being involved with broadcast and video production for over eleven years I still get confused and need to think about it. There are still grey areas and huge overlaps and these are only becoming less clear as the digital amalgamation continues to strengthen. I wrote a 35,000-word thesis during my Masters year at University about digital convergence and it’s one of the proudest pieces of work I have created because most of my predictions back in 2005 have come to fruition.

Back in 2005 the internet and television/video were two separate entities, as were cell phones. Now the three are intertwined like the roots of a vine tree. Funnily enough, and I didn’t know this at the time, YouTube was registered as a trademark on Valentine’s Day that very year. As digital bandwidth was freed up, 3G, and then 4G, came to prominence allowing, eventually, for the internet to become a reality on our phones. Who would have thought back then when we only had Snake on our phones and the ability to store only ten text messages that we would soon be able to stream live TV. I am slightly digressing here but it was this blurring of lines that greatly affected the more defined lines of advertising and marketing.

Back then video advertising was 100% all about commercials, the ones we see on TV. There would have been very defined entries in advertisers budgets for TV COMMERCIALS. Now given advertising is part of marketing, a company’s drip down budget would look like this:

Marketing->Avertising->TV Commercials/Print/Radio

Imagine a big circle labeled MARKETING. Then within that a smaller circle labeled ADVERTISING. Then within that three smaller circle labeled TV COMMERCIALS, PRINT, RADIO.

Now with the phenomenal rise to prominence of the internet it has resulted in streaming, social media, video sharing, photo sharing, apps, downloading (both legal and illegal) etc. Blend this with digital video production and you have a very integrated and undefined industry for advertising and marketing videos. Before moving on to answer the original question posited in this article, Video Marketing Vs Video Advertising, let me give, in my opinion, a definition of each.

Video Advertising is a video which explicitly highlights a product or service in order to sell it using paid for space, whether it be on terrestrial TV, cable, the gateway to a YouTube video or an electronic billboard.

Video Marketing is any type of video which promotes a brand in any way, shape or form. It might not even sell a product. For example, a video testimonial doesn’t sell anything but it improves a company’s PR (talking about PR as it relates to advertising and marketing is a whole other article).

A great example of a marketing video is the P&G Thank You Mom- Strong: Rio 2016 Olympic Games, I dare you to watch this one and not feel emotional. It is a prime example of branded content. It tells several stories about Olympic athletes and their relationships with their mothers. It does this without any product endorsement until the story has concluded. It’s a genius bit of promotional video production.

So what’s better video advertising or video marketing? It all depends on your companies intent. It’s like asking what’s better, a spoon or a fork? Generally speaking, explicit product or service promotion is better done through video advertising, for everything else video marketing is better. It also depends on budget. Small budget? Then video marketing is better for you. Another consideration is your audience. If you are looking to target teenagers they are more likely to be reached through indirect video marketing.

In conclusion, there are more instances in today’s media saturated and digitally converged world where video marketing works better.

If you are mistaken between the terms video marketing & advertising, then take a look here & clear your confusion. At VCM Interactive we specialise in video marketing and we would be happy to talk you through the list of option available to your company. Contact us today!

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The Sales Cycle in a Digital World

In the pre-digital world, the sales and marketing departments of companies often had well-defined routes from potential prospect to actual customer. The route a prospect took from initial contact to making a purchase was known as the Sales Funnel.

And a lot of time and thought was given to understanding this customer journey, and how to fine-tune a company’s sales funnel.

For instance, a potential customer may have begun their journey by filling in and posting a coupon they found in a magazine. As a result of this enquiry, they received a product brochure. And on a regular basis, they received a sales newsletter with the latest offers from the company. On average, looking over the statistics of this process, the customers that did buy something did so on between their third and fifth mailing. And if they didn’t buy anything by the eighth mailing, they never did.

Digital Marketing

If we now come forward to the digital age of marketing, we can only dream of something so simple. Nowadays, a potential customer can come into contact with a company through many different channels, technology and media.

There are still going to be off-line points of contact, such as a retail outlet or an industry conference. When we consider the online world, then there can be web browser searches, social media posts and interactions, specialist online stores (such as Amazon), videos posted on YouTube, company blog posts and articles, and so on.

These all offer a company new opportunities for greater engagement with potential customers. They also offer people a powerful way to find the product or service they want, with a company that they want to deal with.

How to Manage the Digital Sales Funnel?

Given the multiple ways that someone can come into contact with your business, how do you manage your sales funnel?

And this is not only more complex because of the number of channels, it is also more complicated because the same person may come into contact with your company in multiple ways, before they make their buying decision.

The answer usually lies in a combination of metrics, designed to measure channel activity and sales results across the broad spectrum of your sales funnel.

Attribution Metrics

Simply measuring activity in given channels is not enough. For example, just because your blog post was read twenty-five times last week, doesn’t mean that it created any sales. Similarly, measuring just closed sales in a given month doesn’t really help either in determining how the customer got there.

So the idea behind Attribution Metrics, is that they combine both marketing and sales data, in order to give a clearer picture of what your sales funnel looks like, and how it is performing. Typically, these metrics will include:

  • Traffic data from marketing channels
  • Tracking your website and/or mobile app visitor behaviour
  • Integrating with your CRM system, to connect on-site behaviour to sales data

Collecting these metrics is quite a challenge, given that most of this data exists on different technical platforms and in different data formats. If you have a small operation, then manually gathering this data may be feasible if you have the expertise. But for many larger companies, specialist software is needed to do this task efficiently and accurately.

Interpreting the Attribution Metrics

Having gathered the data, now the task of analysing it begins. Here are some examples of the sales and marketing insights you can gain.

1. How many interactions on average does it take with a potential customer before they buy?

2. Is there a principle channel for new potential customers (first contact)? Or do they come from many sources?

3. Over what time frame does a potential customer interact with your company before buying?

4. How many potential customers never make it to becoming actual customers?

5. What contribution do personal interactions with your company make to the final sale?

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Why Web Development Is a Must for the Small Business

In today’s world, trade and services are facing huge challenges as several organizations are entering into the competition. The market of business has become quite competitive nowadays. Today, whether the business is big or small, the marketing always matters. In this world of advanced technology, the owners choose online marketing rather traditional marketing because it is convenient, less expensive, less time taking and draws more traffic to the business.

For a quick endorsement, most of the small business owners prefer a website of their own. A well decorated and attractive website is required to catch the eye of the viewers. Exclusiveness and proper presentation are the tools to stay forward of the opponents. Today, thousands of web development companies have established who ensure the proper design and development facilities to the owner. But before approaching any one of these companies, they should keep in mind that the web development services are quite beneficial for a small scale trade.

More Approachable
Several websites are flourishing in the internet almost every day. It is pretty difficult to find a specific website online. Small business owners always want to obtain more popularity to their website because it reaches more clients globally. Elegant decoration and optimized design helps to get more viewers to a site and ensure that they will stop at it at least for a few seconds. Nonetheless to say, an exclusive website always gets more viewers than a simple one.

All the big companies today had once started as a small scale organization. If anyone surveys the reason for which it has become so popular worldwide today is, its services and a comprehensive and well decorated website. Making a small business to a brand name mostly depends on the outlook of the site and on how much accessible it is to the viewers.

Increase in Ranking
Only a new entrepreneur knows how difficult it is to gain customers in the first few years. With the booming of digital marketing, obtaining more traffic to a website is needed for the betterment of its popularity. More clients mean more branding. But to get a good number of customers to the site, requires a good design and development. That is why, nowadays, many small businessmen prefer to approach to a web development company to create a unique website for increasing its ranking in the search engines.

Cost Efficiency
A well and good website is the core of the trade. To uphold a small business to a quality range, a perfect site is the major requirement. It helps to deteriorate the cost of the company which is quite advantageous for its growth.

RL Ganguly is the owner of RL Infotechh Solutions, a web development company, who has vast experience in researching, web development and designing. He has surveyed that a proper web development and designing are needed to upsurge a small business. To get connected with him, follow him on Twitter or Google +.

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Some of the Prominent Benefits of Buying Your Bridal Saree Online

Indian weddings are really pompous and glittery and to match with the ambience one needs a really impactful outfit. The colossal care and pamper meted out to Indian bride makes her feel very special and at the top of the world, hence, their outfits should also be the same gorgeous and special to them. Marriages being a one-time affair, majority of the grooms are very particular about their bridal outfits, and the bridal saree remains at the helm of all apparels. It’s kind of dream outfit for each and every young lady out there.

In this age of digitization, when literally everything, starting from banking to cab booking, match-making to hotel booking, ticket booking to payment of utility bills, are being done online, then why should shopping, especially bridal shopping be left out?! Additional, given the kind of hectic and time packed schedule we are into, wherein there is nothing called the work-life balance we hardly get time to spend for bridal shopping. This is exactly wherein the online shopping facilities and online stores come into play.

Moreover, bridal sarees are something that should always be a perfect blend of the heart and the mind. Although these are the life time outfits that a bride desires to have, but then budget is also an important consideration. Online shopping and online store works wonderfully well in letting you select the best outfit of your choice and that too within your budget. Find out how:

Buy High-Quality Bridal Saree Online: Online stores are fast going up the ladder of success. Whether you want a bridal saree that comes with a traditional touch yet pompous and glittery, or you’re looking for a simple and inexpensive zardosi saree, or those heavily embroidered sarees with gems and stones embedded in them are something that you’ve long craving for, you’ll get everything online. Whatever is the nature or type of saree one prefers to go with, quality is something that could not be compromised at any cost. Aimed to meet 100% customer satisfaction, almost all major online stores these days feature high-quality, sharp, edgy, standard and or chic design bridal sarees that are perfect blend of fusion patterns and prints for the young brides.

Browse and choose the best out of the rest: Online shopping knows no limits and bounds. Irrespective of their caste, creed, region or religion, people these days, across the globe prefer this mode of virtual shopping over the traditional form. Keeping in mind the varied choice of various people, online stores feature a wide collection of all types and colours of bridal saree for people to choose from. While a typical Bengali wedding prefers maroon or red coloured saree, dark green bridal sarees and essential for nikah. Again South Indian grooms are draped in white or cream coloured bridal saree. So colour should never be a constraint in choosing your dream outfit in these virtual stores. Without engaging any salesperson exclusively at your service, you can easily pick, click, view the sarees of your choice and order the one that suits you the best in terms of quality, colour and budget.

Shop within your budget: The best thing about buy online is apart from choosing the fabrics by colour, type or pattern you can also fine-tune your search by price range. Pricing is always a very sensitive issue when it comes to purchasing bridal outfits. You may or may not be comfortable in speaking up your budget when you walk into those glitzy and high-end fabric stores featuring top-class bridal outfits, thus making you drill a big hole in your pocket. But if you buy online, you can simply search the fabric of your choice within your specified budget, check out the multiple patterns and colours available in that budget, and then finally place the order for the same to be delivered at your doorstep.

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Increase Your Website’s Conversion Rates With The Top Lead Generation Tips

The advancement of the internet has given the power to customers to choose their own experiences in the e-commerce world. They have the last say on whether they want to see an advertisement, click on, and read it or whether to make a purchase or not.

With so many choices in the hands of consumers, inbound marketers are often left wondering the ways to generate leads to their website. This makes it imperative for marketers to create advertisement and content that only merely attracts the consumer but also creates a sense of engagement among them. The need of a smart lead generation strategy is important for every e-business that wants to create value and experiences for its customer base.

Asking customers to sign up for newsletters, blog subscriptions, eBooks etc. is old fashioned. Here are some smart lead generation ideas that, along with traditional approaches, works wonders and lets you reap benefits of the money you are spending on advertisement and other lead generation tactics.

Call to Action button plays a vital role in the number of leads your website generates. However, many marketers pay little to no attention to the placement of the CTA button. It is necessary to begin your CTA placement tests by placing them where the visitor’s eyes will follow naturally. As per research, people often start looking at the upper left-hand corner of a web page moving in an F pattern. Therefore, it is advisable to experiment with your placement of CTA on the homepage, to make a marketing story of your own.

Pop up and slide in forms are a great way to attract visitors, especially if they offer some meaningful and relevant to what people are looking for on the website. When to insert a popup or a slide in form is of equal importance. One way to determine this is when a person scrolls down to read the rest of the content after a certain page percentage, marketers can insert pop up and slide in forms. Even a certain amount of time spent on the web page would determine the importance of customer’s visit and act as a vital point to introduce forms.

Social media has emerged as a strong platform to strategically increase your lead generation. Top notch marketers often make use of social media platforms for brand awareness, traffic generation and for promoting new blog posts and content. Be it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social sites, these social media platforms can be used effectively to post offers when linked to landing pages of the website. Another way of using these platforms is to introduce new campaigns and contests that can be fun for the followers and increase engagement.

A great way to support a new campaign launch is to create a launch post and other blog posts that are related to the topic. A website blog plays an important role in introducing a campaign launch, new products, and services as well as new content Blog posts are a god way to let your existing subscribers know about your brand and its happenings. A launch post should be brief yet captivating, thus pointing to the campaign and its important topics.

Including an end of post banner, CTA is a common feature for blog posts. However, putting anchor texts CTA is a highly effective way of lead generation. Blog posts that include both anchor text CTA and end of post-CTA tend to generate great leads.

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Hierarchy of Needs in the Digital World

So for a digital agency, how is the motivation of the clients driven? This should be an important thought for anyone involved in sales for a digital marketing company or full service digital production house. Would this theory apply to the digital space? Are the clients in this space also needs driven. Let’s see.

For a prospective client who is a new business or rather a new entrant in the digital space. The bottom of the pyramid applies just perfectly. Here, the needs of the business are basic more focused on existence and survival. This could be the first step into the digital space. A few offerings to address this need by a web designing company can be domain names, hosting, website development services, and social media page creation. For the startups in the eCommerce industry, it is about having their portals and the mobile apps. All of these would ensure that the business is now on boarded online. While it may seem like a lot to do, the journey just begins here. These are just the Physiological needs in the digital space.

This is when the first step into the digital world is accomplished ie the business is now online. It is no more about just surviving, it is now about having an asset and protecting the digital realty. Here the offering is more to do with the technical forte of the firm wherein the optimizations come into play ranging from security from hackers etc, In certain cases one could also offer testing solutions to portals. Not to forget the speed aspects.

From here on, the digital marketing companies get their horns. These needs are best addressed by digital agencies with products such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), App Search Optimization (ASO) services. These stage deals more with increasing traffic and having social media likes, followers etc. This is stage in a business where one would want to feel accepted and liked by its customers, this is when the branding effort takes a leap. In the current market environment, enterprises aim to reach here in the shortest possible time. For mobile apps, this stage is about increasing the downloads. Products such as email marketing and SMS marketing also have a pivotal role to play at this stage.

The next stage is about prestige and ego. How could this be interpreted keeping business in mind? This is the stage of content marketing coming into play. Press releases, blogs, articles and posts written positively about the brand surely help create a buzz and keep the brand recall high. Reviews written about the company and product help faster conversions on the sales front. Awards could be prime motivator at this stage and helping organizations in this direction with focused campaigns bring in a lot of revenue for the digital marketing companies.

If a digital agency has supported clients throughout or at certain stages as they grew up the hierarchy, this is truly a good time for the agency because this is when the client has already started giving back to the society and if in this stage the client starts talking about you, there could be no better sales pitch than that because your product is almost bought by then with very little effort and this is a chain that drives self sufficiency by itself.

Thus we have seen that the pyramid of needs completely applied in the digital sector too just like it is applicable in many other situations.

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Android Application Development Solutions – Where Did It All Start?

When Apple was first founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne in April 1976, to develop and sell personal computers, the technology was astounding, and nothing like anything we had seen before. With digital technology so advanced, people were convinced that no other competitor would ever compare. Then something quite remarkable happened when Android stepped up to the mark. Android, Inc. was founded in October 2003 by Andy Rubin, Rich Miner, Nick Sears and Chris White. The aim of Android was to develop…

“Smarter mobile devices that are more aware of its owner’s location and preferences”Andy Rubin

At this current time Android’s intentions were to create operating systems for digital cameras. However when Google acquired Android Inc for $50 million in July 2005, it was in question whether Google were planning to enter the mobile phone market, and they did! Google then developed a platform for mobile devices powered by the Linux Kernel, and has firmly rooted the Android brand as it is today. Since 2008 Android has had numerous updates to streamline improvements in its operating systems, and with its interface features and customer usability it’s definitely considered to be a force to be reckoned with!

In recent years Android has slowly been converting more and more iPhone consumers into Android customers, because of its elite functionality. Thanks to this, there has been a sudden surge in the needs and development of Android applications, but what does it take to make an Android app?

All apps have the ability to extend the functionality of the device it’s using within a certain technical area, so when it comes to Android application development solutions, all are written using the SDK (Software Development Kit). The SDK provides an extensive set of development tools which includes software libraries, a debugger, a handset emulator, documentation, a sample code and tutorials. Java is used as the main programming language as it has complete access to the Android APIs (Application Programming Interface). Other development tools are usually available like the Native Development Kit, the Google App Inventor which is a great visual environment for any trainee programmers, and of course a variety of cross-platform frameworks for mobile web applications.

Of course, if you’re a non-technical person and this sounds highly over whelming, then there are a range of IT companies in the digital world that would help you fulfil your vision, and build your Android App for you at a cost. Although the downside of this is that you may have to pay out a little extra to get what you want, on the plus side of things you will be working with a company that can provide a team of experts, which usually has an extensive background in Android application software development. Most services will abide by development guidelines and regulations, which guarantees that your Android application won’t contain any dodgy surprises. Also most IT companies will provide comprehensive application testing, security checks and also product support on launch, and in some cases thereafter.

Once your Android app is good to go, you can sell it on Google Play, where users can download it for a small fee or for free. Google play is the primary app store that is installed on all Android Devices that comply with Google’s compatibility requirements.

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Why Web Development Is a Must for the Small Business

Basketball remains one of the most revered games played today. The jerseys sported by players on court actually assume a very significant shape in the lives of the NBA fans, who sport pro-cut uniforms of their favorite teams in a bid to show their love for the same. A typical basketball uniform consists of sleeveless upper halves, shorts, knee caps and head bands. There are a lot of factors considered before selecting basketball uniforms and today, we’re just going to take a look at what those factors are.


Yes! At the heart of the selection of these jerseys is comfort and there are so many things that needed to be taken care of in order to ensure comfort. The right fit and fabric are the two most important factors that need to be taken into account here. A tighter upper half might hinder mobility in a major way, while a fabric unable to absorb sweat is not really fit for humid conditions. So, a choice needs to be made in accordance.


A manufacturer selling the entire ensemble is more likely to be preferred by the buyers instead of those selling only the upper halves or the lower halves-firstly because, the former offer products within a more affordable price bracket and secondly because it is generally more convenient to get your needs fulfilled by only one manufacturer instead of hunting several suppliers at the same time. It’s a matter of double the research or double the groundwork. You have to conduct background research and price comparisons for every other product differently.

Team consensus

Team uniforms (irrespective of whether they’re sported by cricketers, soccer players, basketball players and so on) are generally selected after securing common consensus. The jersey designs and colors are only zeroed in on after all team members put forward their opinions regarding suitability. A team is known by its jersey. As basketball fans, we understand how important our favorite team jerseys are for us. Every other team is driven by different sensibilities as far as their passion, overall team outlook, and their approach towards their game are concerned. The team jersey thus selected serves to reflect different sensibilities in a major way. A team, for instance, which is new in the circuit and are known for their rawness might as well have the color red present dominantly in their team uniform or in patches.

You need to find a credentialed manufacturer in a bid to get your hands on quality stuff. Be sure enough to consult manufacturers that are actually known for providing custom team jerseys that are the right combination of affordability and quality. Plus, they should be able to deliver orders before within the desirable timeframe. The use of advanced machinery ensures that jerseys are crafted fast without compromising on the quality.

Seek recommendations from peers and browse through the plethora of online reviews in order to find out how different manufacturers have been rated and reviewed.

Hope this primer will help you in your quest for the right team uniform.

Formative Sports is a leading Basketball Uniforms Manufacturers and Wholesale Suppliers from Pakistan. You should contact us to get our wide collection of Sublimated Basketball Jersey at competitive

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